Appliance Guide


Cooker :

The Broil Button “for all my fellow UK Guest’s” means grill. While you are Broiling please use the extractor fan at all times as the smoke alarms are very sensitive and very loud.

The oven is also different to a UK oven, it is controlled by the panel above the hob, first you need to set the required temperature, then press On / Start. Should you need to change the temperature you MUST first stop the oven, then change the temperature then press start again!!!.
It is also NORMAL to hear the oven light and re-light during the cooking process.

Please do not scrub at the oven base as it has an oven clean facility, if you wish to prevent any spills please use foil and partially cover the lowest shelf.

Microwave :

This is a basic appliance and is straight forward to use, please help us by wiping clean after each use.

Ice Maker :

To make ice simply open the freezer door and push down the metal bar inside, above the Ice Tray, make sure the tray is under the ice maker. If you have too much ice you can lift the metal bar to stop the ice maker.

Fridge :

Please keep the fridge clean and wipe away any spillages as soon as possible. When departing please take all items with you that you wish to keep and throw away open and unwanted items.

Utility Room

Washing Machine:



Please be aware the iron can be very hot, please check you have the right temperature first.

Lounge / Entertainment Room

Ceiling Fans & Lights




As with most modern TV’s you need to select the correct ‘Source’ in order to view Cable, Playstation, DVD etc etc. This can be done either by pressing the 2nd button down on the side of the TV or using the ‘Magnavox’ TV controller


First make sure the set top box is on (not in standby), this is located next to the TV. Then using the source button as described above select ’3-0′, once selected you can use the Satellite controller to switch channels.

Watching a DVD / BluRay movie


Our TV has an AppleTV connected this gives you a number of additional features.

  • Automatically display photos from your iPhone / iPad using AirPlay
  • Show photos copied to the PC
  • Watch pre purchased movies
  • Watch Netflix
  • Access to 1000′s of radio stations
  • Access many other channels

The Apple TV is a small blackbox located on to of the DVD / BluRay player. As with other players it needs to be taken out of standby mode before it is used, this is done by pressing the centre button on the AppleTV remote control.

Watching a Movie on AppleTV

Viewing your Photos on AppleTV

With the AppleTV out of standby and showing on the screen you can view your photos on the TV.

Using an iPad / iPhone

If you have an iPad2 / iPhone4 or higher, you can view your photos on the TV by selecting the AirPlay icon on your phone / iPad. For more information on how to do this click here LINK TO APPLE SITE

Using the PC

IT IS IMPORTANT to understand that all data including photos and files are deleted from the PC when you reboot it, therefore you should only copy the files from your camera to the PC and retain a copy on your camera.

Login to the PC as the Guest user and copy your photos to the XXXX folder. Now ensure iTunes is running on the PC

Your photos will now be available on the AppleTV under XXXXX. If you reboot the PC then you will need to copy the photos back on the PC to view them again

Watching Netflix on AppleTV

As well as photos you can watch films and programs through the Netflix service. This services should be enabled through our own subscription, therefor we ask guests NOT to change the subscription details to there own as this may prevent future guests from viewing the service. For this reason we can not guarantee this service.

Playstation 2

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

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