Congo River Golf

Congo River Golf on the 192 in KissimmeeCongo River Golf

Congo River Golf is situated on the 192 close to mile marker 12. Like many of these fun or crazy golf courses its situated on a small hill with waterfalls and other features. There are two courses apptly named ‘Stanley’ and ‘Livingston’.

Whilst playing the course there are a number of object to find and mark on your score card such as a shield, hat and canoe.  If you find them all you can win a prize.

In the past we have played both courses, both of which are fun and have there own unique challanges.

Once you have finished your game you can feed the alligators for $2.99 which is great fun for the kids.

Some tips for Livingston

Hole 3, If you aim for the stream you will soon find your ball is by the hole.

Aim to the right of the congo queens funnel, at congo river golf

Hole 6. This is situated on the deck of the Congo Queen.  I hit it go to the right of the funnel, bounced off side of boat then of rock behind hole to ricksha into hole. Hole in One!!!

Hole 7, Look carefully to find one of the missing explorers hat, did it belong to Livingston?

Hole 11, On a hot day your ready for the drinks machine which is accessible from both courses.  At only $1 per can and $2 per bottle of water its a welcome sight.  The machine takes bill as well as coins so you do not need to worry about having enough coins.

Hole 13, lucky for some aim for the river 8 players, 4 hole in ones!!!

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