Day 6 – Jupiter – Kennedy Space Center – Crescent Lakes (250 Miles)

Day 6, we left Jupiter and headed for the Florida Turnpike staying on this road until junction 152. On the map this looked a shorter route than the I95 and cost just a few dollars in tolls. Heading for US1 we continued north on US1 stopping for a short break at Vero Beach. We then continued on the US1 until we reached Merritt Island where we stopped for lunch at Denny’s. Realising it was too late to make a full day in the space centre we decided to drive around the area and look for a good vantage point for viewing the launch. We criss crossed the area and decided upon Cocoa Beach Pier, which is situated behind Perkins off the A1A between Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. We spent the after noon on the beach and could clearly see the launch pad. There were a number of restaurants in the area all providing excellent value.

At 7:30pm we headed back to the beach and walked north for about a mile before making camp. 8:52pm the Delta II rocket on the Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory STEREO blasted off. Having never seen a launch before we thought it was quite spectacular and made an excellent ending to our trip.

After the launch we headed back to the pier for a drink and watched the replay of the launch on the TV, before getting back in the car for the final trip along the Bee Line Expressway and SR417 back to Crescent Lakes.

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